Emanpack designed a series of horizontal bearing packaging machines, through-hole wrapping of various bearings through stretch film, composite paper, VCI paper, etc., to achieve airtight protective packaging, simplify the packaging process, reduce labor intensity, and apply to small And large bearings. The machine can be connected to related production lines or run independently.

automatic horizontal bearing wrapping machine
automatic horizontal bearing wrapping machine

The large support bearing coil packaging machine is specially designed for the through-hole packaging of large support bearings. It can be equipped with an oil injection system to automate the packaging process, which is especially suitable for the large bearing industry. It simplifies packaging procedures and reduces labor intensity. The packaging machine can be connected to related production lines or run independently.

The main features of the machine:

  • With the horizontal structure of the electric conveyor, it can carry out efficient packaging.
  • A flexible packaging table specially designed for rotating bearings.
  • Photoelectric sensor for automatic coil positioning.
  • Independent control cabinet, easy to operate and maintain.
  • The safety guardrail of turning parts ensures safe operation.
  • Bearings can be loaded onto the packaging machine by crane or crane.
  • The swivel adopts an integral casting structure, which is stable and firm in operation.
  • The packaging unit is movable to fit objects with different outer diameters.
  • In the event of a failure, the indicator light will automatically alarm.
  • Can be equipped with a conveyor belt for easy loading and unloading.


Horizontal bearing stretch wrapping machine made in China

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