Steel strip is a product made of carbon steel, also known as strip steel, a widely used strapping material for heavy product like steel coils, steel tube bundles. It will develop oxidation reaction in the air or water for a long time, which is what we often say is corroded. Therefore, steel strip manufacturers have been developing steel strip varieties that can slow down the corrosion time of steel strips.

At present, the most common types of steel strips on the market are baking blue, baking varnish and galvanizing. Among them, galvanized steel strip has the best corrosion resistance.

From a microscopic point of view, even if the galvanized steel strip is corroded at a slower rate, when the galvanized layer is corroded, the galvanized steel strip will also face the situation of being corroded. Therefore, galvanized steel strip is not a completely permanent corrosion-resistant steel strip.

But at present, galvanized steel strips are still widely used, ranging from furniture and electrical appliances, daily necessities, to automobiles and trains. However, since everyone recognizes that galvanized steel strips cannot keep the steel strips from being corroded for a long time, these industries are gradually looking for new and new materials to replace the use of packaging steel strips.

PET strap belt to replace steel strip belt
PET strap belt to replace steel strip belt

Here,  we would like to recommend PET strap belts. We have mentioned in the previous article that PET straps will gradually replace steel straps. This statement is not groundless. Today’s fact is the best proof of this statement. Perhaps in the future, with the development of science and technology, people will develop more environmentally friendly and more corrosion-resistant new packing belts to replace steel belts when we do strapping for heavy products, which will undoubtedly be the gospel of the majority of users.

Introduction to the corrosion resistance of various steel strip belts
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