This automatic steel coil packaging machine is designed by EMANPACK, suitable for automatic packaging of various coils, such as steel coils, copper tube coils, wire coils, tube coils, bearings, tires, etc. The packaged coil has a neat and beautiful appearance and is convenient for transportation. The design of the machine simplifies the operation process, uses your labor more efficiently, and improves the quality and competitiveness of the product.


Machine characteristics:

1. The structure is simple, and the operation is extremely simple and safe.

2. Using PLC for automatic program control, effectively reducing manpower input.

3. In the event of a failure, the safety indicator will automatically alarm and automatically display the error.

4. Configure HMI for more intelligent optional control.

5. This machine is suitable for packaging steel coils and other coils of various sizes.

6. The height of the ring can be adjusted to adapt to different sizes of coils.

7. The friction wheel and ring adopt an integrated mold structure and are wrapped with wear-resistant polyurethane.

8. Different packaging materials can be used according to your needs.

9. The supporting roller and the protective roller are wrapped with polyurethane.

10. Slow start, slow stop and precise reset of the rotating ring.


Automatic coil winding packer and wrapper machine

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